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Comedy and Suspense,
A Great Mix in
The HUT's Latest Show!

Whether you love TV reality shows or hate them, REALITY WORLD is for you! Not only a parity of the television genre, but as reality shows are supposed to, REALITY WORLD keeps you involved with the contestants, and “on the edge of your seat” until the bitter end.

REALITY WORLD is brought to you by Ethan Newberry, producer of Wing Productions’ Daytime T.V. and Musical on 55th Street. This latest show is a unique blend of long form and short form improvisational comedy that works beautifully together. A variety of things happen during the show like challenges for immunity or to preserve one’s spot to advance to the next round, audience participation, and some twists that make it all the more interesting. The contestants were improvised by Jet City Improv’s, Andrew McMasters, Mike Christensen, Missy Meyer, and Ryan Miller, including local improviser,Cheryl Platz. They were lead through the program by the delightfully wry “Host”, played by Ethan Newberry.

Not much more will be said about what happens on stage in REALITY WORLD, because nothing should be “given away”. The element of surprise as to how well REALITY WORLD adapted the TV Reality show format into an improvised stage show is the “ace up its sleeve”. You’ll leave the theater wanting to talk about it, and you’ll think of someone who “just HAS to see it!” Too bad my parents, the two biggest reality show junkies, live 3000 miles away!

The Northwest Improv Start Page highly recommends REALITY WORLD, and rates this show 4 1/2 s out of 5 stars.

REALITY WORLD plays Thursdays and Fridays - June 2-17 and June 30-July 22nd at the Historic University Theater 5510 University Way NE, Seattle. $10.00 / $8.00 students

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